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Columbia River Gorge - East
Avery Park

Overview of Wind Site and General Area Map of Site - zoom 6
Map Legend - zoom 6 Closeup of Wind Site and Access Map of Site - zoom 18
Map Legend - zoom 18

Location: The turnoff from Washington highway 14 is approximately 12 miles east of the intersection of The Dalles bridge road and Washington highway 14.

Windsurfing Potential: Strong wind, with well-shaped, medium size swells due to slow current.

Facilities: An undeveloped park with limited parking, pit toilets, and some grass for a rigging area.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Management Plan:
(excerpted verbatim from the Recreation Development Plan, Part III-Action Program; dated September, 1992)

Development Proposal: Planning efforts for this site have focused on providing a public boat launch (to replace the existing boat launch at the designated in-lieu site) and facilities to accomodate existing river-access day-use activities (windsurfing and fishing).

Because of the extent of archaeological evidence encountered, it is recommended that this site be prioritized for further archaeological surveys. This is essential to fully assess the extent and significance of archaeological resources and to develop appropriate measures to avoid/mitigate possible impacts. Pending the outcome of complete archaeological investigations, an assessment of potential conflicts between future recreation uses and Indian treaty fishing activities associated with the adjacent in-lieu site is recommended, as well as a management plan to mitigate any identified potential conflicts. Such actions should be implemented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in consultation with applicable Indian tribal governments.

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