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Columbia River Gorge - East
Doug's Beach State Park

Overview of Wind Site and General Area Map of Site - zoom 6
Map Legend - zoom 6 Closeup of Wind Site and Access Map of Site - zoom 18
Map Legend - zoom 18

Location: On Washington highway 14 near milepost 79, approximately 2.5 miles east of the town of Lyle.

Windsurfing Potential: Strong wind with a strong current and large swells.

Facilities: A small park with no parking (parking is on highway 14), portable toilets, and a grass rigging area.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Management Plan:
(excerpted verbatim from the Recreation Development Plan, Part III-Action Program; dated September, 1992)

Development Proposal: It is recommended that Doug's Beach be prioritized immediately for the completion of archaeological investigations necessary to effectively and accurately assess the extent and significance of archaeological resources of the site. Until such investigations are completed, it will not be possible to develop a meaningful set of measures to avoid and/or mitigate impacts to cultural resources. In addition to archaeological resources, questions of traditional cultural uses of this site need to be addressed, since claims of this site as a significant traditional cultural property have been made by Indian tribal governments. The need to immediately resolve crucial questions about resource impacts and conflicts from recreational usage cannot be overemphasized. In addition to the site's potentially significant cultural resources, it is among the most important recreation sites in the entire Scenic Area.

The current parking arrangement constitutes a serious potential safety hazard with respect to windsurfers crossing the state highway with heavy, bulky equipment in high winds. It is crucial that efforts to improve this hazardous arrangement be undertaken as soon as possible. In addition, current high levels of use on the site without site management or mitigation measures may damage archeological resources.

Proper protection measures and safe facilities are essential at this site, and must be preceded by thorough cultural resource investigations. Completion of necessary cultural resource studies and protection strategies shall be required before approval of any further development or allocation of grant monies pursuant to the Scenic Area Act, except for funds earmarked for such studies. These recommendations should be implemented by the Washington Department of Parks and Recreation, in close consultation with the Washington Office of Archaeological and Historic Preservation and applicable Indian tribal governments.

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