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Columbia River Gorge - West
Viento State Park

Overview of Wind Site and General Area Map of Site - zoom 6
Map Legend - zoom 6 Closeup of Wind Site and Access Map of Site - zoom 18
Map Legend - zoom 18

If ever there was a contest for finding the windsurfing site with the best name, Viento would surely win. Viento is spanish for wind; it is across the river from Wind Mountain; and it is in the Columbia River Gorge. The Oregon pioneers following the Oregon Trail down the Columbia River must have thought this place was windy! (Bring plenty of food because it's also close to the pioneer named Starvation Creek.)

Location: Exit ? of I-84.

Windsurfing Potential: Moderate to strong winds and moderate swells.

Facilities: A pay-to-visit Oregon park with parking, rest rooms, and grass rigging areas.

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