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Far West of Columbia River Gorge
Nuke Alley

Overview of Wind Site and General Area Map of Site - zoom 6
Map Legend - zoom 6 Closeup of Wind Site and Access Map of Site - zoom 18
Map Legend - zoom 18

Location: On Washington highway 14, approximately 25 miles west of Longview and 5 miles east of the town of Cathlamet. Located across the river from Jones' Beach, it is at the first point east of Cathlamet where highway 14 is directly next to the river.

Windsurfing Potential: Strong wind with a moderate current and small swells. The wind is consistently about 10MPH stronger than at Jones' Beach.

Facilities: None. There is no parking area (there is limited off highway parking on the north side of highway 14), and when the tide is out there is a small grass rigging area.

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